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Data Governance & Management Compliance- NDMO Regulations

Do you have concerns about the security and governance of your organization’s data? Do you want to ensure that your data is properly managed and protected? TCG offers top-of-the-line cybersecurity services along with expert data governance and management solutions in line with NDMO Regulations. What is the National Data Management Office (NDMO)? The National Data Management Office (NDMO) is the national regulator that oversees the governance and management of all data in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The NDMO sets regulations and guidelines for the collection, storage, and sharing of data and other areas in anticipation of necessary legislation, with the ultimate goal of promoting data-driven decision-making and improving the overall quality of data management practices. One of NDMO’s publications is the Data Management and Personal Data Protection Standards – you can find the English version of the document here. The Data Management and Personal Data Protection Standards Document consists of 15 domains that include 77 controls and 191 specifications. The implementation of the specifications is divided into three priorities: P1, P2 & P3. These priorities are sequential, based on the year that the organization started collecting, sharing, and storing data. P1 refers to the specifications which require compliance within the first year. Similarly, P2 refers to the specifications which require compliance within the second year, and P3 specifications need to be complied with by the third year.  
# Domain # of Controls # of Specifications Specifications Priority
P1 P2 P3
1 Data Governance 8 28 18 9 1
2 Data Catalog and Metadata 6 20 5 13 2
3 Data Quality 4 13 3 8 2
4 Data Operations 5 14 3 10 1
5 Document and Content Management 5 12 5 4 3
6 Data Architecture and Modelling 7 13 3 10 0
7 Reference and Master Data Management 6 18 8 10 0
8 Business Intelligence and Analytics 5 10 4 5 1
9 Data Sharing and Interoperability 8 16 8 7 1
10 Data Value Realization 4 8 2 5 1
11 Open Data 5 10 4 5 1
12 Freedom of Information 4 9 4 3 2
13 Data Classification 5 10 5 4 0
14 Personal Data Protection 5 10 4 5 1
15 Data Security and Protection The controls and specifications for this domain shall be addressed by the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA)
  Total 77 191 76 98 16
    The above table summarizes the span of controls and specifications across 15 domains. As you can see in the table, the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) is responsible for defining the specifications of the 15th domain – “Data Security and Protection”. For more information about his domain, you can refer to the following article: NCA DCC – Aligning Cyber Security & Data Protection. How can TCG help? At TCG we understand the importance of effective data governance and management. We have extensive experience working with clients across various industries to develop and implement data management strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. Our team of experts can help your organization achieve compliance with NDMO regulations by: Conducting a thorough assessment, referred to as the Data Management Maturity Assessment (DMMA), of your current data management practices and identifying areas for improvement. Developing and implementing a comprehensive data governance framework & operating model that aligns with both NDMO regulations and your own business strategy.
  • Providing training and support to your staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage data.
  • Implementing data security measures to protect critical data from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your data management practices continue to meet NDMO regulations and best practices.
To wrap up, effective data governance and management is critical to the success of any organization, and compliance with NDMO regulations is a necessity for businesses operating in Saudi Arabia. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help your organization achieve compliance and ensure that your data is properly managed and protected. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your data management goals.