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There are numerous organizations across the globe that have to cough up huge amounts of fines due non-compliance. In addition to the cyber security risks being on the rise, it is imperative for organizations to opt for robust GRC services in order to align their business processes and manage risks effectively.

GRC (i.e. Governance, Risk and Compliance) is a strategy for managing an organization’s governance, risk management and compliance with government regulations.  The three main components of GRC are described below.

Governance: Simply put, governance is a set of rules, policies and procedures that warrant whether the organization’s activities and processes align with the business goals.

Risk: It is a continuous process of identifying, assessing, monitoring and mitigating risks. These risks are not limited to security risks but include every kind of risk that could adversely impact the organization’s processes or reputation. Risk management is a combination of people, processes and technological resources that allows an organization to achieve corporate objectives while optimizing their risk profile.

Compliance: This ensures that the organization’s activities adhere to the laws, regulations, and industry standards that apply to them. Moreover, it also guarantees that the IT systems and data are used and secured properly.

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We are delivering an excellent combination of GRC services, especially designed for the KSA market. The holistic framework can be availed as a service, which we call the TCG GRCaaS model or services can be selected according to the organization requirements.

We have hands-on experience of working with multiple standards which guarantees uniform compliance in your governance practices, documentation, technology implementations and in employees expertise. Our consultants have multiple certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CDPSE, CISA, PMP, COBIT and CCNP.

Some of the key areas in which TCG can deliver exceptional services are:

Benefits of GRC

Some of the benefits of GRC include:

  • Strategic Decision making
  • Better cross-functional communication
  • Improved agility
  • Removal of data silos
  • Streamlined management

As mentioned, GRC has numerous benefits. Furthermore, when implemented in a holistic manner, GRC gives even better results. Opting for a GRC framework can greatly help manage risks and ensure regulatory compliance, which in turn optimizes organization performance as a whole.

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