About us

Triple Check Group Management Consultation and Training that was established based on a combination conclusion of more than 14 years of Strategic Management experience, ISO certifications backgrounds and historical skilled training.

Our services are concentrated on various strategic management consultations, ISO standards compliance, business solutions and professional training that add value to our clients and partners.


Providing typical and unique services with respect to consultation and training that contribute to improving the performance of companies in the market, as well as raising the level of customer satisfaction


To be a dominant Consultation and Training body in Lebanon and Arab Region through the advancement of our customers to the highest levels in the business market.


Our values reflect the beliefs that we are adopting in Triple Check Group where it draw the way of our business, and we can list them as follows:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Professionalism & excellence
  3. Honesty, integrity & respect
  4. Simplicity, precision & adding value
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